Become the Strategic Partner of the: Atlanta Beach Hotel
Unique opportunity to become the Large Stockholder in in the expansion of this hHotel (50 Rooms) in Curacao, a Caribbean island next to Aruba.


• Project is located opposite the most popular touristic beach, 3 minutes from the Down Town and 15 minutes from the Airport of this beautiful tropical island, belonging to the Kingdom of Holland.
• Tax-Holiday of 2% annual profit tax for 11 years can be requested
• Total Investment: approx. US$ 4M, expected profit: US$ 3Million up to US$ 5.6 Million/year, ask for the Cash Flow Prognosis.
• All permits are ready: Construction permit and Business Establishment permit for the Hotel (50 Rooms) with restaurant and business units as Spa, Boutique, Hairdresser, Perfumery, Dive Shop, etc.
• Phase I is just completed but you can still make your desired adjustments.
• All infrastructures are already in place: beach + facilities, electricity, drinking water + recycled water for gardening, sewer, street lights, telecommunication cables, asphalt roads, bus stop (for personnel), taxi-stand, parking places, etc.
• Good local investment climate: Stable and modern democratic government, and laws based on western principles, freedom of any religion and (political) opinion, friendly local people who speak English, Spanish and Dutch very well, tolerant to all minorities!
• Average Hotel room occupancy in Curacao over 2008: 85%(!)

In the most Popular touristic zone in Curacao, MAMBO BEACH
Opposite the public beach, just crossing the street (15 meters)
Day time entertainment:
• Next to the most popular beach: Mambo Beach, Sea-Aquarium, Dolphin shows, Diving school, Fitness gym, Tennis court, SeaDoo, Skelter and Banana Boat rental etc.
• 200 meters from the Nature Reserve Area of "Lagun Jan Thiel": eco-tourism opportunity, Trail walks, etc
• Several restaurants in walking distance
Night entertainment:
• Across the street: Casino and 3 very popular open sky discotheques at: Mambo Beach, Hemmingway and Cabana Beach, entertainment and free big screen movies on the beach
• 3 minutes from Down Town Punda/Otrabanda, the Movies theatre, the other major Discotheques, the shopping areas of the Free Zone, Salina (Galleries), Zeelandia, etc
Development in surroundings:
• Rest of the long beach across the street will be fully developed and landscaped into a Sea-Boulevard soon by the government.
See for yourself on Google Earth, that the project is located at the best touristic beach and very close to the Down Town!
Details of the Hotel Building

• The Business Establishment Permit and the Construction Permit for the Hotel of 4 stories are already granted with a Restaurant and 50 Rooms or 42 Rooms + 8 Business Units.
• The Flexibility is made possible by the design: only the concrete skeleton of the columns and floors are designed to bear the construction--> ALL WALLS may be shifted, even after they are already built!.
• The Hotel complies with the guidelines for getting a Tax-Holiday, that will exonerate the import of building and furnishing materials from import-taxes.
•This same Tax-Holiday will grant the Hotel a Profit-tax-rate of 2% for max 11 years!.

• The terrace has a perfect view on the beach and the sea with sunset across the street.
• 38 parking spaces on the site, + 500 parking spaces and a taxi-stand in walking distance (100 meters)
West side -Sailing Ship Restaurant: Restaurant in the shape of a Sailing Ship with spotlights illuminating the big Sail, will attract many costumers
Parking Side:Entering the hotel from the parking lot, the costumer immediately reaches the Front Desk/ Reception, Elevator and Staircase.

• Unlike many other hotels, all the Business Units are fully visible and accessible from the street and have a full transparent glass door at the inner tropical garden.
Thus the Business Units will attract both internal guests, tourists entering or leaving the Mambo Beach area, but also all local people passing by!
. However, the Business Units can be executed as 8 rooms, if you expect a higher return on investment!
. The restaurant has a air-conditioned closed section, a wind-cooled open section, the kitchen in between, a Pool Bar in the Tropical Garden and a Sunset / Sea View Terrace with Bar & Kitchen.
The Building is designed to have the Reception Lobby fully wind cooled.

• The deck of the Sailing Ship Restaurant has a perfect view of the sea and sunset and can be used as combination of a Restaurant with a Piano Bar, Ice-Cream Terrace, Dance Floor, etc.
• Different room classes (shift able walls):
♢ 3 Presidential Suites (Sea View),
♢ 9 Deluxe Rooms,
♢ 9 Standard Rooms,
♢ 3 Single Rooms and
♢ 18 Family Apartment Rooms that have interconnecting doors: A Family hiring 2 such rooms get a kitchenette and balcony.

Ground Research:
• The ground of the parcel is solid rock, that is analyzed by university professionals, who drilled 2 cylindrical samples and performed specific pressure tests to determine the strength.
• The results of these tests revealed that the strength of the solid rock ground is harder then concrete cement that will be used to construct the building upon it!
• The advantage is obvious: the foundation has hardly any risk of sinking or cracking, while not costing much
What makes this project safe to invest in?
You have all authority and grip on the construction phase and on the exploitation phase:
As the Strategic Partner, you buy a majority of shares in this project, giving you all the legal authority to take all major decisions.
The Founder has access to a big network of governmental and business key persons and has knowledge of all details and requirements of the project. You can let him participate with a minority of Shares, to share responsibilities and leading certain processes for you.
You can still make all adjustments to the project you think are necessary before constructing.
Your select your own trusted advisors, who together with the founder will give you hands-on advice during the construction and exploitation
After gaining enough advice, you will decide which Construction Company will build the hotel on which conditions. You will appoint the expert who will evaluate the construction processes. You pay per step after every previous step is approved. You will appoint the General Manager to exploit the Hotel. You can decide any moment to take on an additional Directors position yourself.
What are the financial features and the projected profits?
As the Strategic Partner, you buy a majority of shares in this project, giving you all the legal authority to take all major decisions.
Construction time: 1 year (All paperwork/permits ready to start construction tomorrow!)
Most probable financial projection scenario:
  • Profit 1st year:  $ 1.5 Million
  • Profit 2nd year: $ 2.1 Million
  • Profit 3th year:  $ 3.1 Million
    • Best Case Scenario:   $ 5.6 Million/ year (Maximum Profit)
    • Break Even Point: at 12% rooms occupation, $ 100 room rate
    • Worst Case Scenario: $ 0.6 Million Profit
Tax-Holiday applicable for 11 years: 2% Profit Tax!
Within 3 years you can have returned your total invested amount! So the financial risk is relatively low.

Advantages of the Governmental Hereditary Tenure (“Erfpacht”) or Permanent Governmental Ground Lease above proprietary ground (“Eigendomsgrond”):

The government laid down in the notarial act that the purpose of this parcel is to have a hotel with all facilities, and that only after 60 years, the government has the right to recalculate the lease charge for another long period, without reclaiming the ground.
Also the government laid down in the Construction Permit and in the Business Establishment Permit that for this hotel all kinds of business units are allowed like: Restaurant, Spa, Boutique, Hairdresser, Perfumery, Dive Shop, etc.
Buying a proprietary parcel (“Eigendomsgrond”) will be much more expensive, but will not give you any guarantee that the government will allow you to build a hotel, let alone to allow other business units.
No risks with infrastructure because all necessities are already in place: beach + facilities, electricity, drinking water + recycled water for gardening, sewer, street lights, telecommunication cables, asphalt roads, bus stop (for personnel), taxi-stand, parking places, etc.
Buying a proprietary parcel carries the risk that you will have to pay the (utility) companies to provide all the infrastructure/ facilities that are not in place yet!
How safe or favorable is the general investment climate of Curacao, to do business in:
This Caribbean island is part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, and protected by the Dutch and NATO. Hence it has no history of any military regime ever, has a stable and modern democratic government, laws and juridical systems based on western principles, with absolute freedom of any religion and (political) opinion, and modern infrastructure of financial institutions, 2 new state of the art 18 holes gulf courts, telecommunication, roads, international airport, enormous port, etc. and is outside the main hurricane route.
According to international statistics, Curacao is one of the safest touristical destinations of the world!
The local community is very tolerant to all minorities, almost all citizens speak 4 languages very good: English, Spanish, Dutch and Papiamento.
Traditionally low inflation, approx 3% per year.
Tourism in Curacao INCREASED strongly the last 8 years, even in 2009 despite of the global Financial Crisis, and both the Renaissance and the Hyatt Hotel chains just build a 350 room hotel in Curacao where the Hilton, Marriott and many other great names already have big resorts running..
The overall Hotel occupancy remained at a very high level in 2009 (75%), while other destination crashed! The relatively low decrease in Hotel occupancy average of Curacao (from 85% in 2008, to 75% in 2009) compared to other destinations in the world was caused by the rapid increase of Hotel Room numbers!
The historic Down Town area “Willemstad’ is accepted as one of the ±80 places on the World’s Heritage List of UNESCO to be kept conserved for human kind!
The government gives several incentives to build hotels, for example by offering a Tax-Holiday of 2% annual profit tax for 11 years.

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